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Technology Transfer

Technology Transfer

  • - All the technologies owned by GEMSCR Center are available for transfer to industry customers at request.
  • - The schedule of technology transfer are subject to change according to the content of corresponding technologies.
  • - If you have any questions about technology transfer, please contact the person in charge.
  • - Technology transfer procedure is as belows.
Steps Cpmtemts Remark
1st Step
(Preparation Stage)
Review on technology transfer target
Consulation of technology transfer costs and method
Preparation of developing the environment required for the Technology Transfer
Review on Platform
2nd Step (Technology Transfer) Sensor Network Based Technology Seminar
Bi-directional Sensor Network Technology Application Seminar
Sensor Network and Server Monitoring Training
(Duration varies according to the list of previous technologies)
Provide a list
3rd Step (Support stage) Technical support for a certain period of time in accordance with environmental construction and related technical education
If cost incurred, we will mutually adjust
  • - Contact: Bang, Sun Hee, The Section Chief (033-640-2870,

Open Tech. Program

  • - The program publicizes the excellent technologies of universities and public research institutes developed through public funds to the companies in need of social return
  • - Through the technology disclosure, the technology is continuously developed and technology commercialization is promoted
  • - ‘Open Tech’stands for open technology which means to disclose technical know-how related to the entire system including software and hardware
  • - Open technology
Open Tech. 프로그램
Field Technical Contents
Sensor Network Bluetooth, Bluetooth low energy (BLE), Wi-Fi, WCDMA based data communication technology
Low power sensor network design / operation technology based on ISM
Various types of sensor interfacing technologies
Gateway Various technologies for sensor network management, control, sensing data collection / transmission
Server Remote monitoring technology to manage and operate sensor network
Installation / Maintenance Know-how of device installation and wireless sensor network maintenance to upgrade Wireless firmware transmission technology for wireless sensor network
  • - Procedure
  1. Open Tech. Refinement and Document of Target Technology
  2. Demand enterprise Participation Application
  3. Selection of companies after evaluation
  4. Training and Know-how Transfer
  5. Technology Transfer
  6. Technology Support for commercialization (Support for additional technology development)