Gang-won Research Institue of ICT Convergence



Smart Home

Smart Plug

  • - Wireless communication power-controlled device that can reduce unnecessary electricity usage by stopping standby power and prevent overheating by detecting overcurrent
  • - Function
    • Check the appliance usage status and electricity usage
    • Automatic shutdown of standby power
    • Automatic overcurrent shutdown
    • Remote control of appliances using apps
    • Reservation function tailored to customers’ lifestyle


  • - Smart lock device that can be controlled by BLE-based smartphone app
  • - Function
    • Bluetooth 4.0(Bluetooth Low Energy, BLE) Support
    • Open / close lock function with smartphone (manual opening / closing by dedicated app)
    • Locking position detection function (alarm transmission to smartphone when out of communication range)
    • Location sharing function using smartphone GPS
    • Lock history browsing function
    • Battery level check function (2 year battery life)