Gang-won Research Institue of ICT Convergence



Smart Farm

Smart Farm

  • - ICT-based smart greenhouse operation technology that quantifies the amount of evaporation through pores of the leaves and the water content in the medium for efficient management of greenhouse crops and analyzes data to precisely control nutrient supply and water management of crops
  • - Function
    • Set time and frequency of irrigation based on media weight (water content)
    • Management and refinement of numerical water content
    • Strengthening roots
    • Regulation of crop viability based on volume of production
    • Increase the quantity of external light water based on experiences
    • Measurement of drainage volume ,pH amd EC measurement
    • Various sensor interlocking functions such as leaf temperature and medium temperature

Smart water tension meter

  • - Real-time measurement and monitoring system of rhizome moisture tension (mbar) using two high-performance electronic water tension meters
  • - Function
    • Data reception / transmission via smart phone / PC / laptop and WiFi (data reception / transmission via internet network when using external internet)
    • Analyze the data in seconds with the built-in processor, and display graphs and data in 1-minute increments
    • Automatic irrigation control through water tension meter (max-min) setting-> Connectable and controllable solenoid valves / pumps / tubing / fluids
    • Batch setting and setting of 5 periods / 24 hours (5 periods / 24h)
    • Built-in memory 8G stores data for about 10 years