Gang-won Research Institue of ICT Convergence



Health Care

Mobile Healthcare Monitoring System

  • - Portable wireless patient monitoring system capable of real-time checking of patient status outside
  • - Function
    • Blood oxygen saturation, ECG, and respiratory measurement possible
    • Main, Numeric, Vital, and Event screen available
    • Analyze and view signal waveforms such as ECG, SpO2, Response, etc.
    • Data Check and Biometric Data Graph Analysis Diagnostic Results Report View and Output Functions

SpO2 based bio signal monitoring system

  • - An integrated system equipped with a wrist-wearing bio-signal terminal and a GPS relay terminal to provide personal healthcare services and to cope with emergencies by real-time monitoring of user activity and biometric information
  • - Function
    • Controller (ATmega2560) and RF (CC2420) for communication, sensor information collection and active control
    • SpO2 sensor module (DCM02) for bio signal, GPS module for position tracking
    • CDMA module for mobile communication
    • TDMA-based CSMA Hybrid Wireless Communication Protocol
    • ARQ for reliable communication (Automatic Request for Repeatition)
    • Provide QoS(Quality of Service)
    • Mobile web support