Gang-won Research Institue of ICT Convergence



Smart City

Wireless Magnetic Sensor Node for Vehicle Detection

  • - This non-contact type vehicle detection sensor uses variation of geomagnetism value
  • - The sensor can be installed in indoor and outdoor parking lot
  • - The sensor can be linked with various application services
  • - Function
    • Vehicle recognition using geomagnetism
    • Low power design with 3.6V Lithium battery
    • Ability to change sensor thresholds and cycles remotely
    • Gateway data transmission using RS232 communication
    • Watchdog Timer
    • Monitoring the battery level and transfer function
    • Wireless communication technologies (RF, NB-IoT)

Remote integrated water management system based on underground water pollution measurement technology

  • -
    -M2M-based two-way wireless communication technology and professional water quality measurement system to monitor continuous and stable groundwater quality
  • - Function
    • Solar power generation and charge / discharge system
    • Monitoring and control system of groundwater quality
    • 3G communication gateway system

Location-based service device

  • - Products that provide location-related information of a person travelling on a car or a bicycle via a wireless mobile network
  • - Function
    • Periodic report of location
    • Report of location in case of emergency (SOS)
    • Report of safe zone entry/exit

Intelligent Gateway Technology

  • - Technology that allows individual data to be analyzed and leveraged by each device, as opposed to data centrally managed from a physical location in the cloud-computing cloud
  • - Function
    • Open Source
    • Linux foundation project
    • Vendor-neutral open source project
    • Micro-service-based
    • Loosely-coupled microservices bound by common APIs
    • Polyglot Programming
    • Java, Python, Go Lang, C,etc
    • Various hardware and OS support

RF Module

  • - 900MHz
  • - Function
    • 900MHz wireless transmit / receive module
    • MAX 14dBm output available
    • Using 2.0V to 3.6V
  • - Wi-Fi
  • - Function
    • Wi-Fi communication function
    • Built-in Cortex-M4
    • 802.11 b / g / n support
    • SD/MMC I/F
    • Using 2.1V ~ 3.6V
  • - BLE to USB
  • - Function
    • BLE communication function
    • Built-in Cortex-M0
    • Applying of USB I/F
    • Design of extended I/F
    • Applying of charging circuit

BLE Motion

  • - Motion detection module for real time monitoring of motion status of target through 10 axis sensor
  • - Function
    • BLE communication function
    • 10-axis sensor (acceleration, gyro, geomagnetism, temperature) based data collection
    • Applying of Data correction algorithm
    • SWD-based debugging support
    • Battery-based operation

Sensor module

  • Flame Detection Sensor

  • Image Sensor (CMOS)

  • Smoke Detection Sensor

  • Oxygen Density Sensor

  • Displacement Sensor

  • Tilt Sensor (Electrolytic)

  • Load Detection Sensor
    (Limit switch)

  • Tilt Sensor

  • Safe-door Sensor
    (Mechanical locking type)

  • Intrusion Detection Sensor
    (magnetic switch)

  • Intrusion Detection Sensor
    (Infrared Radiation)

  • Wireless Warning Lamp
    (Three-color Flicker )