Gang-won Research Institue of ICT Convergence

About Us


The best independent R & BD center in the field of embedded system development and application based on IT convergence technology


  • Central research center leading local IT industry

    - Our centre has contributed KWN 10 billion/year in sales of traditional and regional business through out IT Technology integration.

  • To secure specialized technology for industrial activation and strengthening competitiveness

    - Our center has more than 20 other technologies related to IoT based embedded system

    - We support regional projects through our stragetic business and IT technology development.

  • Relevant Industry Support Project

    - Promoting commercialization through prototype production support

    - Consulting and Guiding on difficulties in Local Business

    - Providing marketing analysis and strageties in domestic and overseas market

  • Joint Technology Development Project

    - Cooperation with other companies that have a great potential in the market

    - Commercialzation business with other prospective companies

  • Specilaized Techonology Developemt Project

    - Business with other demanding enterprises

    - Development of technologies in the field of sensor network based on embedded systems